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Grand Batik

Above, "Greta" hemp/linen from Kathryn M. Ireland's Batik collection.

Textile fans may want to investigate Grand Batik Interiors, a book that focuses not just on the ancient cloth's history but on its use in contemporary interior design.

Also, textile designer Kathryn M. Ireland, known for her batiks, paisleys and other Indian-inspired prints, will soon release her own book, Classic Country.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love this Batik fabric and the last 3 posts.
GREAT information, thank you.

The Peak of Chic said...

I'm not familiar with this book. Need to run over to Amazon to investigate :)

Style Court said...

thanks robyn. i'm so glad!

beachbungalow8 said... this i love. love the knowing about this book too. thank you

katiedid said...

Looks like I will have to add to my already overstocked bookcase! I love batik and learned it ages ago in a wonderful batik class. I wish I remembered all of the techniques! Such an art!

ALL THE BEST said...

Courtney you have done it again, another great book to add to the list.

Brilliant Asylum said...

"Globe-Trotter Chic" is a perfect label. Batiks are fantastic and make me want to jump on a plane.