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Chinoiserie Fever

Image above is from German AD, December-January 2006.

There's a serious craze for chinoiserie wallpaper happening right now. (It's a happy epidemic though, because the look is so exquisite and timeless.) I thought it would be interesting to share William Haines' legendary "garden room" at Winfield House, the U.S. Ambassador's residence in London.

When Haines decorated the stately home for Ambassador and Mrs. Walter H. Annenberg, circa 1969, he used two-hundred-years-old Chinese wallpaper in the spring-green room.

Above, a more recently decorated interior: a Miles Redd-designed bedroom covered in de Gournay chinoiserie wallpaper, as seen in Elle Decor, November 2006. Photo by Simon Upton.

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katiedid said...

I just love the Miles Redd bedroom photo. And the whole chinoiserie wallpaper craze is just fine by me! :)

Anonymous said...

Your site revision is thoughtfully and, quite nicely done.
A lovely segue, suggesting the approaching seasonal change with nuances of richer, deeper colors.

Style Court said...

thanks allison!

Things That Inspire said...

I love your blog...I learn new things every day from it. You have vast resources at your fingertips!

I have a friend who is doing her dining room in chinoiserie wallpaper. She sounded apologetic when telling me about it...thinking it was very old fashioned...but it just shows how wise it is to go with a timeless look (and to decorate with styles you truly love).

Style Court said...

So true Sarah! Thanks for the sweet words.

Anonymous said...

Great photographs, love the green room and the wallpaper in the Miles Redd room too!

tiffany said...

I really want a chinoiserie wall paper for my foyer. Any ideas on how to achieve this look for someone that doesn't have the budget for a de Gournay or Gracie paper? I've seen the pics of framed panels, but I really want a wallpaper on all the walls.

Style Court said...


i think has recently posted wallpapers at all price points. Also there is and walnutwallpaper, while not budget, may have papers costing less than de gournay. i'll post more options if they come my way!!

Style Court said...

Tiffany, has added some delicate botanical wallpaper -- kind of Asian in feel -- but not the same, I realize.

Another option is to have your walls covered in fabric, if you ever find a beautiful affordable print but strike out with the paper.

The Peak of Chic said...

I for one am thrilled that Chinoiserie has been rediscovered. That said, it never goes out of style (thank goodness!). The living room of Winfield House is perfection!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the beauty of aging well......really, I believe, is the number one prerequisite for houses and what goes in them.
Lovely posts, SC.

Suzy said...

Great post, they are both stunning rooms. I just finished reading the book on William Haines (Class Act), and that room has to be one of this best - it will never date.

Style Court said...


I agree! (about Haines' room :)

Christina Cho said...

That's beautiful chinoiserie wallpaper. I am hand painting this type of chinoiserie wallpaper based on silk background. Please look and to comment to my work. Many Thanks!