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Broadhurst Poll Results

Above, Florence Broadhurst's hand-printed "Circles and Squares." Pillows and wall hangings available through Weego Home.

Voter turn-out for the Florence Broadhurst poll was small, so these results are less than scientific, but 75% said the eccentric, indefatigable Broadhurst was the true visionary behind her wallpaper collection. Others -- 25% -- were a bit skeptical, crediting her success to serendipity and the wild 1960s. For more see Summer Book Club.


Unknown said...

Wow...too bad that not very many people responded to this poll as I think this is a great topic. I put it down to the summer and so many peopole being on holiday.
Are you planning on further exploring the "book review" ?

katiedid said...

I think this is my favorite pattern. I must say that one of the things I found the most fascinating about Florence Broadhurst was that she started the most iconic part of her life at 65 with the formation of her wallpaper company. I love that! I hope I am still going strong by then.

Style Court said...


I agree about her age -- very unusual!


Not sure about future book clubs yet :)

Anna Spiro said...

I'm disappointed that the voter turn out was small. I too think this was such a fantastic topic for discussion. I enjoyed hearing everyones thoughts on the subject. Thanks Courtney!

Style Court said...

Anna, as always you are so sweet! I really enjoyed hearing everyone's thoughts, and especially your Australian perspective.