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An antique dealer friend of mine found this framed wallpaper sample in Europe. She was told it's Parisian, 1920s. Regardless of its pedigree, I love it.

If you rent, or for other reasons are unable to make major changes to your walls and floors, it's pretty satisfying to focus on tablescapes and strong pieces; basically draw the eye to the best elements. I've become strangely obsessed with figuring out how my favorite pieces could work in different settings down the road.

For more images of vintage wallpaper, textiles, ornament, and pattern, see my past post, New York Public Library Digital Gallery.

Framed wallpaper sample, above, is from Providence in Atlanta.


girl meets glamour said...

This is a lovely bedside arrangement Courtney. That's a great idea to frame the vintage wallcovering...might have to do that myself :)


style court said...

Thanks Kate!

The Peak of Chic said...

Great job Courtney! "Tablescaping" is a great way to spend an afternoon- so much fun to pull in various objects. I LOVE your framed bit of wallpaper-gorgeous!

style court said...

Thanks Jennifer -- so validating!!

katiedid said...

Hi Courtney! It is so fun to see your house. I love your vignette! And the hydrangea is beautiful!

style court said...

Thanks Katie!

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style court said...

Thanks Robin!