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Smith's Hawaii

Interior design above, Michael Smith, as seen in Elle Decor, photography by Grey Crawford.

I was disappointed that this Smith-designed, 1930s cottage-style Hawaiian house was not included in Michael S. Smith: Elements of Style. To me, it's one of his understated masterpieces. Without going themey, Smith captured the low-tech, pre-posh-resort feel of old Hawaii. There are plenty of Asian pieces totally in-sync with the Pacific local, but, as Elle Decor said, no hula-dolls.

Click-on images to see details. There's much inspiration to be taken from the child-friendly but stylish mix of fabrics.

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Note: When posting magazine tear sheets, I try to always credit the photographer and cite the month/year of the issue. Unfortunately here I'm missing that info.


beachbungalow8 said...

courtney, do you know anything about the bedding in that last shot? or the bed? and you're so right on about the asian elements being in sync with the pacific islander flavor. this is where really understanding 'history' is so important to good design.

style court said...


The Ming-style bed is a Smith design. Linens are John Robshaw, according to Elle Decor. We do love Robshaw :)

L said...

Having lived on the Windward side of Oahu for 20 years, I loved this post! 30 years ago, at Ala Moana Shopping Center, in Honolulu, I purchased a very similar cotton bedcover from a shop that carried hand-made products from India -- sooo wish I had it now!

style court said...


Nice to hear from you!


katiedid said...

I do love anything Michael, and I loved this house too, for all the same reasons you mentioned Courtney!

Suzy said...

Me too - I'm a huge fan of this home. He has done an incredible job of designing something that is fitting of its surroundings without being predictable. Love it!

Anna said...

Courtney - I have this house in my I Love file!! I loved reading this post and thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Please credit photographer - Grey Crawford