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Just In at Coleen and Company

Love this pair of Italian-style benches, covered with vintage fabric and perky trim, available through Coleen and Company. (I think the upholstery here may inspire a few people to makeover similar benches they already own.)

Other new finds at the Newport Beach shop include a circa 1960s, spring-green, Asian-style metal bench, above, and below, old Tony Duquette-like garden pagoda lanterns, painted a Chinese-red with blue-green trim.

And finally, below, an amazing circa 1960s over-scaled chinoiserie chandelier, made from metal, wood, and plaster. Also has sort of a Tony Duquette-vibe.


girl meets glamour said...

Just love that asian style bench, thanks for info, I'm heading over to their site right now :)

The Peak of Chic said...

I love those pagoda lanterns! Coleen has the best eye for everything!

style court said...

You said it!

katiedid said...

This shop is the greatest. I spent every summer in Newport Beach growing up, so I'm glad to see such a wonderful shop in my old stomping grounds!