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Graphic Smith

Photography above, Lisa Romerein

Surprised to see something so graphic designed by Michael Smith? The green and white tiles in this guesthouse bathroom were laid in a traditional Portuguese pattern. So, the look is timeless but also energetic and fresh. Both the kitchen and bath, above, are part of a guesthouse on a California estate conceived by Smith with strong Portuguese influences.

The designer says he became intrigued with the rich fusion of varied cultures found within Portuguese style; creating a Portuguese-inspired home, as opposed to the expected California-Mediterranean, allowed him to be a little more freewheeling. Smith's tile source was the Los Angeles-based Lascaux Tile.

Oh and speaking of tiles, there's a vast array of antique tiles at Architectural Accents, located at 2711 Piedmont Road in Atlanta. Most of the fired tiles here are English, from around 1860-1914.

See also, Candida Hofer: In Portugal.


girl meets glamour said...

Yes, very suprised!! But, I like this side of him too.

katiedid said...

Wonderful! Again, a huge Michael fan.

susan said...

Charming kitchen vignette...I love the tiles, they really make this small, no, tiny, kitchen, sing.

style court said...

Susan, yes!

The Peak of Chic said...

I agree with everyone- show stopper tile indeed. And I'm glad you mentioned Arch. Accents- that's a great place.

Cote de Texas said...

Is this the guest house with the Urban Outfitters bedspreads on the walls? Just wondering.


style court said...

joni, you got it! that's the one :)