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Elegant D.I.Y.

Interior design above, Tom Scheerer, as seen in Elle Decor.

I suspect Tom Scheerer has few clients who sew their own curtains or silver-leaf a king-size four-poster bed, but that's what Melissa Sellars did, according to Elle Decor. Her ethereal bedroom really proves that, with a sophisticated eye and restraint, a little D.I.Y. can yield supremely elegant results.

Apart from the D.I.Y. aspect, I think this room is intriguing because elements usually associated with American Country style -- the Shaker-style bed, the tall secretary -- were given a glamorous makeover, then paired with a few modern pieces, and it all works.

Shown above is Sellars in her Brooklyn townhouse, with her son and his friend. A reader is trying to locate the small open woven piece under the side table (behind the boy with guitar). I no longer have the whole issue -- only these tear sheets from Elle Decor. It was a holiday issue from, I think, six or seven years ago. Does anyone know more?

Update 7.15.07
A very kind reader, Katherine, sent me this message regarding the past holiday Elle Decor issue, "I have it!! It's the Dec./Jan. 2001 issue. I saved it specifically for this article! ... It appears to be a stool as it is closed on top. Unfortunately, it is not credited in the article or resources."


katiedid said...

Lovely! The colors and elements are so restful.

The Peak of Chic said...

I ordered an old holiday issue a few weeks back and I just got it (I think it was from 5 years ago? I can't remember).I'll look through it tonight and see if it is possibly in there.
PS- I love like the way they treated the Shaker style furniture.

style court said...

Jennifer, great!!

The Peak of Chic said...

Well, no such luck. My issue was Dec/Jan '02, but no Tom Scheerer :( I'll keep looking though.

style court said...


Thanks for trying!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

really lovely. so impressed by her diy capabilities.