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Currently in-store at Mecox Gardens, Palm Beach: a set of four white metal, faux bamboo, chairs with slightly less expected backs that have a Chinese-Chippendale feel. Would love to see these in a kitchen like Windsor Smith's. (See the Domino video.)


The Peak of Chic said...

Great chairs; the backs are slightly reminiscent of the Mandalay bookcase!

katiedid said...

These are great! And I loved the Wnidsor Smith video. Very fun to see her home and family life.

girl meets glamour said...

What fantastic chairs, I don't believe I've seen backs like those before. I am a sucker for anything Chinese-Chippendale. Great find!


J's Crew said...

It makes me hate my dining room chairs even more!!!! I love these!!!! They belong in my house.

Zoe said...

My parents have those chairs! The kitchen table too (its glass topped). She had the chairs and table base painted gold. Oh those many years ago! She probably got the entire dining room set and a counter bar stool 35 years ago and they yet to seem out dated!

What a fun thing to come across in my reader tonite.

style court said...


Thanks for sharing!