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Unexpected Books: Tibet Style

A few weeks ago, I finally picked-up my own copy of Tibet Style. I expected to see fashion photographer Yann Romain's incredibly lush images of Tibetans in their colorful silks, chunky coral jewelry, and leopard-trimmed coats. But the straightforward text from Hippolyte Romain surprised me. The author balances the book's extravagant pictures with brief words on the West's romanticism of Tibet, and on the realities of modern life there.

Whether you are interested in learning something new, or simply want to be inspired by rich combinations of color and texture, Tibet Style. is a nice resource. When I see the Tibetans' passion for coral, turquoise and leopard, I can't help thinking of Tony Duquette.

BTW: A few months ago, Domino, created a room inspired by this book. Above is the French version, with my favorite cover.


The Peak of Chic said...

The book sounds so intriguing! The photos must be amazing.

katiedid said...

You always find such wonderful books!

Style Court said...

Thanks Katie!