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Cashin's Graffiti Wall

Above, designer Bonnie Cashin's "graffiti wall" circa 1962.

I posted this image last summer, but lately Megan, of Beach Bungalow 8, has been writing about graffiti art and I was inspired to share it again. Apparently in all of her homes Bonnie Cashin created a wall like this to display quotes from her favorite intellectual heroes, such as Einstein, Ghandi, and Picasso. Personally, I'm drawn to the graphic blocks of color that highlight the quotes.

In case you're not familiar with her, Cashin was a fashion designer best known for her accessories for Coach in the 1960s. There is a nice online exhibition of her work, "Chic is Where You Find It" on the UCLA Library website. Another interesting source is the Bonnie Cashin Foundation.


Anonymous said...

that picture is getting printed out and pinned up! thanks courtney!

Style Court said...

I used to have it on my own inspiration board. Glad you like it Frances :)

Anonymous said...

isn't it great when good design in the 60's is still attractive today? I like this post, thanks.

Style Court said...

Robyn, yes!

Anonymous said...

You always find THE BEST images; I love this one, thanks so much for sharing! I have only recently found Cashin's interiors, before I really only knew her for coats and Coach (the holy grail of thrifting - finding a Cashin).


Style Court said...


So glad you liked this one. Thanks for the sweet words!