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Summer Vibe

Photograph by Robert Capa, Magnum Photos, Copyright 1996 Estate of Robert Capa

Robert Capa's famous 1948 photo of Francoise Gilot and Pablo Picasso, in sunny Golfe-Juan, France, always puts me in the mood for summer. (That's Picasso's nephew, Javier Vilaro, in the background.) In fact, I used to keep it on an inspiration board.

A great source for summer decorating inspiration is the Todd Romano/Elle Decor Video. I mentioned it back in February, but this is the perfect week to bring it back. Decorator Romano's colorful beach house is featured, and both Romano and Elle Decor Editor-in-Chief, Margaret Russell, offer commentary. The look of the place is sort of "Palm Beach goes Pop." You may remember it from Elle Decor, June-July 2001.


Anonymous said...

I love this video! The only thing better would be to see Charlotte Moss's beach house that they mentioned during the preview. I'm going to seach You Tube to try to find out. btw discovered this blog a few days ago and am making way through your entire blog. I'm hooked!!!
Joni Webb
Webb Design
Houston, Texas

Style Court said...

I know! It seems the original show featured Charlotte Moss and Michael Smith.

Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

One site comment - why don't you set it up so that when you click on a link, you can hit the "back" arrow and let it take you back to where you where on your blog. I've been having to go all over the place to get back to Style Court after I've checked out a link. Just a suggestion. Oy! You'll be sorry I find you. :)

Anna Spiro said...

I adore the old photograph of Francoise Gilot & Pablo Picasso & nephew. I might just have to save this one in my "I Love" files!
Thanks for showing! Have a great weekend Courtney!

Jii said...

Oh I love the photo. And I so hope it was summer here in Johannesburg as well...

Style Court said...

Thanks Anna! You too.


Style Court said...


From my end, on my computer, a click on the back arrow does take me directly from a link back to the Style Court page.

Not sure at this point what I can revise for you. Sorry!

The Peak of Chic said...

Yes, that was a great summer beach house he had! Then again, I love everything Todd Romano does!

katiedid said...

I've always loved that photo too! Wouldn't it be kind of grand to be followed about by Picasso holding a parasol over your head?!
I did like the beach house in Elle Decor...will have to check out the video.

Style Court said...


Yes! It would be kind of grand to be followed about by Picasso holding a parasol over your head!

** Terramia ** said...

Oh Todd Romano... Mmmmm. Fabulous video, and lovely image (so dreamy...)