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Summer Project II

Above, interior of Chapman Radcliff, in L.A., photographed by Jason Todd for House & Garden.

I like the idea of finding a modestly priced Queen Anne-style chair at a consignment or used furniture shop, sanding the chair, and then painting it an eye-popping color like coral, lime-green, or brilliant yellow, for a little girl's room. Often this style chair has a "drop-in" seat which is fairly easy to reupholster, without professional help, in a fun bold pattern. The sophisticated lines of a Queen Anne (like the chair above) can be unexpected in a child's room, and later as an adult she can still use the piece -- maybe repaint it glossy black.

BTW: Obviously I mean paint a reproduction chair, not a pedigreed antique!

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Mrs. Blandings said...

combining this idea with that jazzy needlepoint bench cover from a while ago. Sanding and painting mother-in-law's bench with good lines - painting and topping with that adorable needlepoint design. Hope it is a summer project and not a fall..winter..spring one.

Style Court said...


Sounds great!

The Peak of Chic said...

I just got a chair like that, same color and everything. Thinking about doing an animal print, but like that needlepoint idea too!

Style Court said...


Love the animal print idea! Maybe a leopard needlepoint?

katiedid said...

Great Idea..and I just happen to have a couple of kids rooms I can experiment on! Love the Chapman Radcliff shop.

Pigtown*Design said...

I found two chinese chippendale-ish chairs, stripped the wood, painted them gloss white and added hot pink and white waverly fabric for the seats. they turned out well. you just have to look beyond the ghastly paint and fabric and see the lines.

Style Court said...


Your chairs sound fab!

Anna Spiro said...

These chairs look fab!! It certainly is amazing what a coat of paint and some gorgeous fabric can do isn't it?!!

mybedlinen said...

I love the chair idea! I like the idea of picking out a chair and personalizing it for your child, and being able to re-decorate it as your child grows. What a creative gift idea.