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Baldwin-Decorated Hair Salon

Above, Kenneth Battelle's Billy Baldwin-decorated salon, illustrated by Henry Kohler for Vogue, 1963.

Having only experienced sleek white, rather minimal hair salons, it's hard to imagine getting coiffed in the 1960s at Kenneth Battelle's colorful and sumptuous chinoiserie-infused salon, designed by legendary Billy Baldwin. Kenneth, famous for being Jackie Kennedy's stylist, apparently wanted a space inspired by Brighton Pavilion. The design included a red-and-yellow awning, chinoiserie-style chairs and loads of pattern and color.


The Peak of Chic said...

I love this drawing. Even if Kenneth had not been a master of hair, I would have gone just to luxuriate in the salon!

Linda Merrill said...

This is exactly where I'd want to get my day of pampering! And yes, the drawing is amazing!