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Vintage Redd

Photography above, Oberto Gili for House Beautiful, March 2001.

Here we have early Miles Redd, circa 2001. His signature "trad - mod - glam" mix is already evident. A while back I posted the top image, for flower arranging inspiration, and I was asked to share other images of the home. So, complete with frayed edges, I offer a few more tear sheets from my archives. Perfect pics to celebrate peony season.

The Phoenix Flared Vase above is from Plantation in L.A. It is 15" tall and costs $195. A wider array of smaller vases at different price points can be found at these sources:
Jayson Home
Providence Antiques
Carolyne Roehm


Anonymous said...

this may be the only Miles Redd I dont care for. :(

Anonymous said...

Amazing... Thank you!

a. said...

Awesome. I have never seen a Miles room that I haven't loved and wanted to move into.

The Peak of Chic said...

I think it's interesting to see how his work has evolved over the years.

Linda Merrill said...

I love the blue walls with all the white. So snappy! My peonies are only 1" up!

Delaney Gates said...

Love the inspiration here!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

the blue walls here look so great! and the guitar so cool just hanging out on the side...awesome stuff!

Anna Spiro said...

I really love seeing more of these images!! I loved the first image you posted a while back but now these further images are STUNNING!! I am going to save them in my "I Love" file!

Style Court said...

Oh good, Anna! Happy to add to your inspiration file.