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Silhouettes: A Different View

Above, "Chris 2," silhouette, mounted on canvas panel with high gloss finish, 5" x 5" $25.

Above, "Fry 2," silhouette, black paper on Sea Anemone pattern mounted on canvas board with high gloss finish, 8" x 10" $50.

Artist and designer Frances Merrill seems to have inherited the textile gene. She is the great-great niece of legendary Thai-silk purveyor Jim Thompson, and after college she decided to formally study textile design. These days, Frances incorporates her passion for fabric into bold works that shake-up classic silhouette-style portraits. She pairs a traditional hand-cut silhouette -- sometimes of a person or animal, other times of an Eames chair or Tizio desk lamp -- with a complimentary swirling paisley, African print, or graphic ikat pattern. The results are lively and intriguing.

Visit her online shop, Reath, to see her collection and learn more about her custom pieces.


Anna Spiro said...

Very, very beautiful things!!

The Peak of Chic said...

She is quite talented!

Anonymous said...

thanks courtney!

** Terramia ** said...

Wow! I am diggin this trend...