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Ikat Upholstery

I spotted this chair on the French site, Interieurs, in the video "Deco Ethnique." That small amount of pink-and-yellow ikat fabric used just for the back, as well as for the welt on the arms and seat, gives the Louis XV chair so much punch. (Ikat is an Indonesian word for a fabric dyeing process.)

It would be fun to reinvent a vintage chair using a remnant of ikat -- ideally a pattern from Robert Kime or Madeline Weinrib's "Turquoise Luce," shown below. But economically priced silk-cotton ikats in luscious colors can be found on eBay and at Uzbek Craft. Although Uzbek Craft offers wholesale prices, all items ship from the Republic of Uzbekistan, so double-check shipping costs to the U.S. and inquire about the exact dimensions of available ikats.

Lewis Sheron, based in Atlanta, has an ikat-like pattern, "Santana," below. It costs $13.98 per yard and can be found online under Fabric, Contemporary. Swatches cost about $2.50.

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Above, Kelly Wearstler upholstered a chair with ikat in her Hillcrest library, as seen in Domicilium Decoratus.


The Peak of Chic said...

Subtle yet clever use of ikat on that chair. I love Robert Kime's prints!

Anonymous said...

lewis sheron is a great find!!!
that pattern is another color way of the kravet one i posted about awhile ago... they have it for such a good price! thanks for the resource!!!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

the site has faulty links....but i love what you are showing here. Kelly is awesome.