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I Want Candy

Above, a petite vintage French settee available through Chapman Radcliff.

Above, Lewis Sheron's budget-friendly "Anastasia" stripe is $14.98 per yard.

Above, a pink-striped sofa in the California cottage of Ruthie Sommers, photographed by Grey Crawford for Cottage Living, December 2006. Visit Orange Beautiful to see the latest incarnation of Ruthie's living room.

Above, Suzanne Rheinstein used wide pink stripes in her garden room. Another view of this room can be seen in Designing Women: Interiors By Leading Style-Makers.

Like the Herrera Women, I'm very drawn to stripes. And I'm especially impressed by decorators like Suzanne Rheinstein and Ruthie Sommers who deftly use pink candy stripes in a non-saccharine way. Lewis Sheron's "Anastasia" stripe in "shell pink" has a great ribbon-candy feel, and seems to be begging to cover a bench or small French piece like the settee shown top. The touch of red and green keep this stripe from being ultra-feminine.


a. said...

I swear I gasped when I saw that settee! The design, the color! I want it, it's fabulous :-)

Style Court said...

Oh good, I'm glad you liked it Alyssa!

Pigtown*Design said...

Ditto on what Alyssa said! It's just lush!

The Peak of Chic said...

Beautiful! I really like Suzanne Rheinstein.