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Curls and Swirls at Lucullus

Above, from Lucullus, a French modernist table cube in the Xavier Pauchard style, circa 1935; along with a set of late 19th century French iron garden chairs, circa 1880. Below, 19th century French curved iron garden bench with pierced seat, also from Lucullus.

Below, Patrick Dunne used a French pastry table and light curlicue chairs in this house by the sea, photographed by Thibault Jeanson for Southern Accents, July-August 1999.

Curvy, whimsical furniture seems to be popping-up all around right now, but Louisiana antiques dealer, Patrick Dunne has for years sold original French garden and bistro pieces from Toulouse Lautrec's era. Dunne's New Orlean's shop, Lucullus, specializes in all things epicurean -- Belle Epoque barware including absinthe glasses, cooking implements, linens. It's a fascinating place.

Below are a few more takes on this ultra-feminine furniture, including one of Anthropologie's latest designs modeled after a Parisian antique, a tomato-red bench with a collapsible curlicue back. $998.

Below, more scrolly iron garden chairs used indoors, in a room designed by Jan Showers.

Above, one of a pair of 1960's white iron chairs executed in the style of French mid-20th-century designer Jean Royere. The whimsical, undulating lines are characteristic of some of Royere's pieces. From Robert Massello Antiques.

Above, my personal favorite, curvy chairs in a cabana designed by Ruthie Sommers, as seen in the October 2006 issue of California Style Magazine.


Fairfax said...

Oh my gosh! I remember these guys from years ago when I was learning to cook in N.O. I loved that place! I had the most amazing photo from their old store with its painted faux stone floor. Thanks for the wonderful memories!

style court said...

Fairfax, sounds like you've had so many exciting adventures around the world!

Fairfax said...

I should post pix of the swirly chairs I have in my "garden". they're a lot like these!

My Marrakech said...

I am trying to design a pool cabana here in Marrakech! Let me know if you have ideas, Courtney!

megan/beachbound said...

jan showers breakfast room is very pretty... but ouch, those chairs look painful. not a good place to sit and read the nytimes with coffee on a sunday morning!

Anna said...

Hi Courtney, I have to watch you because you keep on adding wonderful things to past posts which I miss out on if I don't look back every now and then!! I have to keep my wits about me!! Love this pool picture above.