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Bookworm III

Above, one of my favorite rooms of the decade, a library/dining room designed by Tim Clarke; photographed by Grey Crawford and published in Elle Decor, May 2002, as well as in Hollywood Style,by Diane Dorrans Saeks.

Compendium of Interior Styles is another book I plan to keep forever. Weighing about six pounds, this gargantuan resource offers a whirlwind tour of interior design history, from the Medieval era through the twentieth century, using iconic residences such as Versailles and Monticello as illustrations. I especially appreciate how the author, François Baudot, shows how one period of design morphs into the next, and how styles return.

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Anonymous said...

I love Tim Clarke's home as well. Its one of my all time favourites. So imagine my shock on discovering he moved two years ago to a beach house in Malibu which appears to have been decorated in a completely different style. Photos on Art Luna's website.