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Tips From Mary

In the past when I put together posts on decorator Mary McDonald, a few readers commented on McDonald's paper-covered file cabinet that was featured in Domino, February 2006. Everyone flipped for the cabinet but some found it difficult to duplicate. So, here is advice from the master herself:

"O.K. guys I see you need some instruction on the filing cabinet thing. First of all you must get an exact size of your filing cabinet and go to Kinkos on the oversize machine. It is best to flirt with someone to help you before you make 75 copies the wrong size! Start with an image similar in ratio -- long and thin then you can cut the weird edges off. If you just cannot be art school neat about it, make another different trim for the border to frame it. Use mounting spray, exacto knives and then lacquer it. You can use decoupage supplies too -- very self explanatory with directions. Try again!"

Mary McDonald


Pigtown*Design said...

Ohhh. something cool to try. maybe with my fridge!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this- it is a grand idea that I will have to try!

fairfax: that would be fabulous on a fridge! Especially a not-so-pretty-but-still-works one!

Style Court said...

Anon, thanks for visiting!

Fairfax, interesting thought. Like the fridge of Miles Redd's assistant shown in Domino?

Anonymous said...

YES! I was going to try this in the next month or two. Thanks SO MUCH for getting these extra instructions, Courtney. Also, I finally found my Feb. Domino and it WAS the Ruthie Sommers designed room that had the shade that I liked. I prob never would have found the material again, which would have driven me nuts. I'm glad I have a design encyclopedia named Courtney to go to for help!

Style Court said...

Oh casapinka, glad to be of help! For a more budget-friendly toile try the Lewis Sheron link in the post above this one :)

Anna Spiro said...

You've featured her again - one of my favourites!! Thank you Courtney!! I love that Domino cover.