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Mystery Room

Yesterday I uncovered these pictures in an old inspiration book of mine. Unfortunately, because I cut and pasted them to the page, I now don't have a clue who designed the room. And I'm intrigued by the homage to Dorothy Draper, with the frothy white Baroque mirror, dark green walls and pink upholstery.

Was it a commercial space? A showhouse interior, or an installation to show new products? The walls seem to be covered with chalkboard paint. I do remember cutting the images from House & Garden a few years ago. Does anyone recognize this room?


The Peak of Chic said...

Style Court- I hope someone can identify this; it's quite interesting!
On a related note, how do you store pages/articles from magazines? I keep mine in an accordion file under different categories, but I'm not convinced this is the best way.

Style Court said...

For the last few years I've kept all my tear sheets in notebooks, in plastic pockets, organized by designer or style. But sometimes I put images on an inspiration board too. The collage above was just a phase from the past :)

Anonymous said...


Do you know the issue or at least the year? I can go through my old issues if you like.

I keep all my tear sheets and articles in folders and then in boxes. My problem is I have too many.

Style Court said...

Hi anon,
That's my problem -- I don't know the year, let alone the month! It was a tiny image that I cut-out and now I can't remember the year. But thanks so much for your offer!

Anonymous said...

slightly off-topic: I liked reading about how people store their clippings, too. I've always wished I could saved whole issues, but limited space forces to tearout. (I bet I'd be reinspired seeing images I didn't keep at the time! an exciting, but heartbreaking thought). I did the same thing for a shortwhile... paste into a book. Then I have the clear inserts for a binder, but the wider format books don't fit in those, so I have a few boxes full.

The time has come again for another purge. Totally procrasinating. I'm going to try to toss out other junk to make more storage for my clippings!

Anonymous said...

i store mine in order of time to see how my 'inspirations' change in a white binder in plastic sheets. It's fun to go back to the clippings you did 5 years previously and see how your tastes have evolved ( sometimes embaressing! ). Using all the same binders and putting the date on them makes this pretty easy and look organized on my shelves.

Anne said...

I love this room!

Style Court said...

Oh I'm glad Anne -- it's still a mystery :)