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Louis, Louis, Louis

Louis XV-style chair above available through Pieces

Louis XV and Louis XVI-style chairs never seem to go out of fashion. In The Paris Interior, Herbert Ypma writes about this phenomenon, describing the chairs associated with France's last two kings as "possibly the most successful pieces in the entire history of furniture design..."

The fun orange chair above perfectly illustrates Ypma's point that, for centuries now, these chairs have been imitated and reinvented. With its glossy bright white frame, mod white leather back and citrus-colored cotton front, this chair couldn't look any fresher. Yet the form is true to the 18th-century.

French style is on my mind because Decorative Arts of the Kings opens Saturday, March 3 at the High Museum of Art. If you plan to be in Atlanta during the next few months, many chances to learn more about the tastes of each Louis (and Marie Antoinette) are happening in conjunction with the exhibition.

Toward the end of March, look for the re-release of Interiors Paris (Taschen 25th Anniversary Series) at a more economical $19.99.


The Peak of Chic said...

I can't wait for this exhibit as my real passion is for decorative arts!!!

Style Court said...

Me too, POC!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this, thanks for the tip=) I've featured an older version of "Paris Interiors" on my blog "The Deco Detective", as it's one of my favourite books - and also my guests' favourite browsing object!