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Atlanta Shopping Suggestion: Mandarin Antiques

This weekend instead of heading straight to Anthropologie, why not give Mandarin Antiques a try? Located in Buckhead at 700 Miami Circle, Mandarin offers an endless mix of authentic Chinese antiques, vintage pieces, and more modestly priced reproductions. If you are searching for a black lacquered coffee table or a Chinese-red chest, this is the place. Lamp-making is a specialty too; you can have a lamp custom made from any vase, pot or object you find on the shelves. Prices start at about $240 per lamp, including the shade and labor, but expect many lamps to cost more. Customer service is excellent, and the store is open on Sundays.

BTW: Although the atmosphere in Mandarin is friendly and very relaxed, I would not take small children there because the store does have a "you break it, you buy it" policy. Fragile objects costing six and five figures are around, and disaster could strike with one quick turn.

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