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Ricky Lauren

Initially I planned to mention Ricky Lauren's new book, Double Rl Ranch: The Inspiration, Legend, And Cuisine of Colorado, before the holidays but the book received so much press elsewhere and I moved on. Now though, I regret not including it in my holiday gift suggestions.

Currently on the Ralph Lauren site there is a nice podcast related to the book, as well as a link to Ricky Lauren's table-setting segment on Martha Stewart. Ricky uses a very striking bold striped Indian blanket as the foundation for a layered holiday table. If you have any Mary McDonald in you, it is worth a look for future Christmas dinner table inspiration and current winter dining ideas too.

For a mom who is a longtime fan of the Ralph Lauren aesthetic and who loves to cook, the book would be a lovely Mother's Day gift -- although, it is already sold-out or back-ordered at many places.


thelovelist said...

not my style but loving it despite myself

Anna Spiro said...

Ralph Lauren is one of my all time favourite brands. I would love to get this book. I'm going to check out the Podcast now. Thanks for showing it Courtney!!


Karen and Sara Brown said...
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Style Court said...

Karen! Huge RL fan here. Appreciate you stopping by!