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Chinese New Year

Above, designer Han Feng created this contemporary Chinese New Year table for Martha Stewart.

Images above, courtesy of Alli, show tables designed by Elle Decor Editor in Chief, Margaret Russell, for Dining By Design, Atlanta 2006 to benefit DIFFA.

Hosting a dinner party, luncheon or even a kids' party inspired by Chinese New Year celebrations offers the chance for another big decorative moment, between the let-down after the holidays and spring. February 18 is the official date this year. With hallmarks of Chinese New Year celebrations including paper lanterns and the colors red, gold, pink and orange, the possibilities are endless for a fun, chic event.

For a large array of lanterns and party supplies, visit China Sprout (via Southern Accents) or Pearl River. Plum Party has a stylish selection of Chinese New Year offerings, but items are quickly selling-out. The turquoise and pink vases used above on Margaret Russell's tables are available from Jayson Home. The plates are by Robert Dawson for Wedgwood, in the After Willow pattern.


Anonymous said...

Great idea to have a CNY party. I was feeling a bit blah after the holidays but I think I will have a little fete with lots of fun colors. Thanks for the inspiration, SC!

Anonymous said...

Pearl River Mart in NYC is GREAT!!! I have been going there for years, even before they moved to their posh new location on lowere Broadway. They used to be on the 2nd and 3rd floors above some of the stalls on Canal Street. You can find just about anything there. I adore their silk brocade notebooks.

ALL THE BEST said...

Great idea!! Look at:

a wonderful selection of Asian inspired invitations.

design dna said...

i am a fan of the "after willow" dishes. i wonder if those vases are from the guy in dc - runs his ceramics business out of his apartment (maybe not anymore). i really enjoy coming to your site. fun to read!

design dna said...

guess i should read before i post! sorry!

Style Court said...

Hi Amy, thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Hey Courtney! I am having a little CNY Eve soiree... lychee royales and shanghai cosmos, yum! I already bought a few things from Pearl River...but wonder where do you think I could find those vases (or their cheap cousins)?

Style Court said...

Hey Alli,
Sounds like you've got quite a chic evening planned! For the solid color ceramic vases try or for something in Atlanta (no shipping charges) West Elm in Atlantic Station. Providence Antiques on N. Highland always has a great selection of pottery. Or did you mean the glass vases?

Style Court said...

Also try Target for ceramics in colors. The offerings in the Global section might work :)

Style Court said...

For blue & white Chinese style ceramics on the cheap, in Atlanta, try Richard's old fashioned "dime store" at Peachtree Battle shopping center.