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World of Interiors Turns 25

I finally have the 25th anniversary December issue of World of Interiors, and I rate it a must see. Kate and Andy Spade's New York apartment (seen here above and on the magazine's cover) is featured along with a story on venerable British decorator John Fowler, who is currently the subject of a retrospective exhibit, "John Fowler: Detail in Decoration" on view through January 21 at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The December issue also comes with a companion magazine filled with "Best of" spreads from the past 25 years. One residence highlighted is Chatsworth -- the private quarters. Marie Antoinette's cabinet of movable mirrors made the issue too.


Anna Spiro said...

Oh My God, the Spade's apartment looks amazing. Notice the use of yellow. I can't wait to get my hands on this edition of Interiors even though it won't arrive in Australia for a while after it has been released in the U.S. You'll have to post some more pictures of the apartment for me Courtney so that I can have a sneak preview!!

Style Court said...

Anna, I think you will love the graphic black and white in the kitchen as well as a sort of kelly or grass green mixed with black/white in a bath. Plus like you said shots of strong yellow throughout. The baby's room is not shown but the article says it is yellow and white :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't ever been into yellow but I may become a convert. What a great recommendation this is.

Anonymous said...

Hello, found your blog while looking for info. on Angele Parlange. I like your mix of articles and finds. I have added you to my list, hope you don't mind. Are you a designer or just a lover of design???

Style Court said...

Hi Ulla,
Thanks for your comment. I'm a lover of design :)