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William Haines Designs

William Haines Designs features archival photographs of the legendary designer's work, fabulous quotes from Haines such as "Design is an opinion, not a profession," and reproductions of original Haines furniture that is now available through Lindley & Associates and select dealers throughout the United States.

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katedesigns said...

Hey Courtney!
It had been awhile since I checked your blog but am having so much fun reading up and going to all your new posts. I often get bored browsing on the computer due to always coming across the same old sites and such relating to my style and design interests but when I come to your site I am always treated to something insync with my style yet thus totally unfound and new to me. Thanks for the Billy Haines post. I am so pleased to see more and more sites dedicated to providing biographical content and archived photos of the great design individuals of the past.
Happy Holidays, Kate

style court said...

Hey Kate!

Great to hear from you. I'm so glad you're finding original -- or at least interesting :) content here.

Happy Holidays,