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Painted Chinese Artifacts

A few very exciting finds from Pagoda Red for those New Year's wish lists: shown above, a pair of antique painted lattice panels from South China circa 1900. The muted turquoise and green are so lovely together.

Below, a painted bed canopy from Shanxi, circa 1850, that measures 75.5 inches by 52.5 inches. It would be a beautiful focal point over a sofa.


pinkmohair said...

I love finding new color combos that I like that the muted green and blue. Very soothing. Also, I think the canopy would be very nice hung on a wall. You know people looked at it while lying down and's a real piece of history to bring into a home.

** Terramia ** said...

Gorgeous tones in the antique bed canopy. Rich with culture, history, company, and dreams... j'adore.

Wish you a very special new year full of much prosperity and peace, and I look forward to many more of your delicious posts..

Namaste, Terramia (:

style court said...

Terramia, Happy New Year!