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Beaute Nomade

Above is the French version of the book, Tibet Style. The cover image, with those lush corals, reds and pinks contrasted against charcoal, is more striking to me than the English version, which features a man in a dramatic leopard trimmed coat. Even the title, "Nomadic Beauty," sounds more romantic. But both editions are filled with sumptuous fabrics and vibrant color combinations that could be inspirational for fashion and interior designers.

In her Hillcrest estate, Kelly Wearstler incorporated many Asian references and beautiful shades of pink, soft orange and yellow. Below is a view of an outdoor sitting area, as seen in Domicilium Decoratus.

BTW: If you visit the site for the Viceroy Icon Brickell, you may notice similarities between Wearstler's design for this property and her Hillcrest residence.

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