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Miles Redd Signature

During the past few years, various incarnations of an airy Louis XVI-style four-poster bed seem to have popped-up in Miles Redd's projects. I know the current November Domino features Anthropologie's version of this iron Louis bed in a Marie Antoinette-inspired spread, but to me Miles does a bedroom like no other, so I thought I'd share a few examples. Shown above top is a bedroom from Elle Decor, March 2006; below that, the next image is a whimsical feminine bedroom seen in Elle Decor, March 2001; below is another fab bedroom seen in Domino, October 2005; followed by a masculine bedroom from Redd's online portfolio.

When I studied furniture history, we had to design a piece of our own inspired by an antique, and then create a scale model. I wish I'd thought to do a bed similar to those shown above. Some heavy gauge wire, scraps of beautiful fabric, a staple gun and hot glue -- it could have worked!

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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I am really trying to figure out the beds for our guest houses in Marrakesh. And I think one of these would be perfect! Thank you!