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Coyle Color

I didn't really intend to make this "Anne Coyle Week" on Style Court. Still, the launch of her new site has been fun and I want to share a few more samples of her vibrant use of color. These images are in my inspiration notebook and came from Elle Decor, March and May 2005.

Refreshing sorbet colors punctuated with a bit of high-contrast black lacquer or chocolate brown -- sometimes a hit of red -- are her signature. Lavender, which she has described as the new neutral, seems to be her favorite. But Coyle's range extends beyond pastels: check-out her press coverage in O at Home, spring 2005, shown on her site.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so I LOVE Anne Coyle's approach to color. Thanks for introducing me to her work!

And ps., your blog is fabulous! One of my new favorites.

Style Court said...

Thanks Birdie!