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Steven Sclaroff

There are many antique and vintage furniture dealers out there selling similar, newly refurbished Regency-style pieces, but I do enjoy browsing the selections at Steven Sclaroff to see the fabrics and finishes Sclaroff chooses. For example, I love the red-and-ivory linen candy-stripe on the chair seats of the 1960's black tub chairs above. Red with black can be extremely heavy, however opting for the linen stripe -- as opposed to say a red velvet -- gives the chairs, I think, a crisp Audrey Hepburn feel.

The seats of the black faux bamboo armchairs, also above, have been covered with Lulu DK's "Chant," a geometric hand-print in brown with white. I've seen this fabric often on white painted chairs, but I would not have guessed the very dark brown would look so good mixed with glossy black. What a great look.

BTW: Sclaroff worked with Kate and Andy Spade on their New York apartment.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh.... I love these chairs! I found some similar to these in a junque shop and painted them gloss white and added a hot pink and white Waverly fabric.

Style Court said...

Hi Fairfax! Sounds very pretty. Thanks for sharing.