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More KWID To Be Seen Soon

Quite a few new Kelly Wearstler Interior Design (KWID) products and projects are scheduled to debut in 2007 and beyond.

A line of bed linens with motifs inspired by nature, historic arts and crafts, and couture details is supposed to be available spring 2007. Also, another book showcasing a Wearstler residence -- this time her family's 1920's Georgian-style estate in Beverly Hills -- is set to be released in 2007. Later, a new fabric line for Lee Jofa, a tabletop line and a book focused on her commercial projects are all expected.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the forthcoming books because the first two were so distinct. Wearstler and the KWID team seem to stretch in new directions with each project, so I'm anxious to see what's next.

Image above from Tides South Beach.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see what she does next - she is a goddess! {how many times have i said that?} lol!


Anonymous said...

Hello I just found your site and love it. Where or how did you get the image of the new Tides Hotel room? I always love to see what KW does next. Her trend setting formula seems to go something like this-take the outdated, the out focused, put a spin on it, and whala its new and chic again. And then it trickles down and get copied by the mass markets. So its an interesting guessing game with her. Can't wait to see her new product lines-just trying to figure out to afford them.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. Love it, definately share your taste and bookmarks. I love to always guess what Kelly Wearstler is going to do next. To me her trendsetting formula kinda of goes like this=take the outdated, the outfocused, rehaul it and modernize it and whala its new and fresh. After that it trickles down to the mass markets where the trend becomes totally saturated. So in a nutshell, Yes I love to guess too! BTW where did you find the new Tides photo? I wish we could see some Viceroy Anguilla shots soon.

Style Court said...

Hi katedesign!
Very insightful comment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I found the image by using the Tides link in the post here, then clicked on Ownership Opportunities, then Residences.

Hope that helps. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to leave basically the same message twice. Wasn't sure if it worked the first time. You probably already know this but coming early 2007 Bravo will have Top Design and Kelly Wearstler will be a judge! Along with Jonathan Adler and Margaret Russell Editor of Elle Decor. And the host is Todd Oldman. I have excitement overload.

Style Court said...

Hi katedesigns,
Yes excitement overload is right! Jonathan Adler is so witty but not cruel, so it should be entertaining to hear his feedback. And Margaret Russell is usually so spot-on about everything. Then of course Wearstler and Oldham. What an amazing panel!