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Designer To Watch: Kelly Crago Hansen

With her crisp cabana-like party vignette, Kelly Crago Hansen was one of the fresh faces who made a big impact this week at Dining By Design, Atlanta, to benefit DIFFA. She stuck with a simple navy and white color scheme but used many sophisticated dressmaker details in her beautifully constructed tablecloth, upholstered ottomans and cabana curtains.

Both the napkins and outer layer of the curtains were made from Paradiso, a hand-print on linen/cotton by Lulu DK, shown below. Paradiso features birds and fish, which Hansen echoed nicely with the dramatic pair of fish vases on the table and the oh-so-lovely pair of bird and vine panels that served as a backdrop. It was all about classic symmetry and balance.

Sorry to report Hansen has no website yet. Hopefully we will see a lot more from her soon. Many, many thanks to Alli for the images above.

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