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China Chic Hits Home

Images above courtesy of that always stylish marketing master, Alli.

Those enchanting Asian-inspired tables, designed by Elle Decor Editor in Chief, Margaret Russell, finally arrived in Atlanta this week as part of Dining By Design 2006 to benefit DIFFA. No disappointments here. In fact, I thought Russell's tablescapes were even more sumptuous in person -- yet, interestingly, not excessive.

All the vignettes created for Dining By Design 2006 are supposed to be fun, over-the-top fantasy. Still, it hit me that Russell's scheme could translate to a real dinner party. One could actually enjoy a meal and see other guests at her tables. It was all delightfully maximal and functional.

Kudos to Alli for capturing the allure of the high gloss lacquer tables and luscious mix of colors. The turquoise vases used on the tables, and shown below, are available from Jayson Home. The plates are by Robert Dawson for Wedgwood, in the After Willow pattern. The small hand-made candle holders, also shown below, are from John Derian.

More on this event to come.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new blue willow pieces! They had the most beautiful table setting at the Wedgwood store in London. I have red, green and blue willow-ware which I mix and match with white china. It always looks classic!


Style Court said...

Wish I could have seen that tablesetting in London :) Sound like you have a beautiful mix of pieces Fairfax.

Anonymous said...

Courtney... Did you see the new shopping section on New York Social Diary? It's all about leopard and zebra prints! And this week's designer is Bunny Williams.

Style Court said...

Thanks for the great lead Fairfax!

Anonymous said...

It's pretty hard to top a beautiful collection of colored vases and lanterns...
cheers, g

paperlily said...

I love EVERYTHING about the vases! (And the pictures shown here are wonderful.) I clicked on the Jayson Homes link, and really liked their other vases as well.

Dining by Design will be in Chicago this weekend, so maybe I should get myself over there. (The tables must look so amazing in person.)

Style Court said...

Oh Sara, you must go!! Except for the Margaret Russell table, all the vignette's should be unique to Chicago.