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Asia Week At Christie's

Christie's Asia Week in New York begins September 19 with a sale of Chinese ceramics and art. Happily, the online auction catalog -- featuring 450 items included in the sale -- is free and easy to browse for design inspiration. It's page after page of lush color and elegant forms.

Pictured top to bottom: A pair of cloisonne enamel wall plaques decorated with chrysanthemums, rocks, birds, peonies and butterflies, late 18th/19th century; A small iron-red reverse-decorated moonflask, Kangxi Period (1662-1722) ; A cloisonne enamel globular vase decorated with leafy stems of peonies, early 18th century.

The antique English secretary below is not included in next week's auction. It's something fun I found while browsing 1st dibs. The paint is original but unexpected in different shades of green and amber, and the motif is Chinese inspired. Wouldn't this piece be an amazing focal point in a room? Clearly the appraiser also believes the secretary is rare because the price is $85,000.

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