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Seeing Red

Sister Parish probably would have loved this American 19th-century library table from Laurin Copen Antiques. Sister liked freshly painted furniture, she liked cheerful reds, and she often put a glamorous spin on Americana. Those who worked with Sister say she had a knack for taking intense bright colors -- shades like taxicab yellow that frightened most people -- and mixing them with subdued elements so that a room worked as a whole.

I think the red paint here brings out the sculptural quality of the table. Something to consider if you've inherited a piece you previously viewed as clunky and somber. A non-museum quality piece, of course :)

Look how the white lamps play off the red, below. So graphic.

To learn more about Sister see, Sister: The Life of Legendary Interior Decorator Mrs. Henry Parish II


Anonymous said...

congratulations on the beautiful logo :)
just adore that red table!!

paperlily said...

More beautiful red tables. :)

This is a great post. I love how you describe Sister Parish's aesthetic. Anyone who embraces adding bright colors to otherwise subdued schemes is OK in my book. Also, I love anything that can be referred to as 'sculptural', like the table shown here.

I learn something new every time I visit your site. And the new banner is fabulous!

Style Court said...

Thanks Sara!

paperlily said...

Your welcome, Courtney!