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In With Yellow

So glad yellow is back in a big way. This lead crystal goblet from Anthropologie is a nice example of yellow's new prominence in home accessories, as is the pair of Peking glass lamp bases above from
Heather and Company.

French Directoire yellow painted chair below is available through Amy Perlin.


Anonymous said...

okay – the white background is my favorite – really makes everything pop off the page! LOVE those white and yellow lamps – gorgeous!

paperlily said...

Yellow and birds together! Two of my favorites.

I was Anthropologie yesterday, and where to begin, I love everything there!

And the detailing of the back of the chair is so unexpected, and a little dramatic.

Scott Frankum said...

Hi StyleCourt,

Thanks for noticing us over at Eboniste. We're fans of yours too.


Creative Director,

Style Court said...

Many thank Scott! Love your work.