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Haeger Gold Tweed

I spotted this arrangement on the Lily Lodge site and was intrigued by the description of the vase: Haeger Gold Tweed. It seems Gold Tweed was the name of a glaze developed in the 1960's by Haeger Potteries.

Lily Lodge owner, Ariana Lambert Smeraldo pairs her flowers with all sorts of interesting containers. Some of the vases are rare and precious but others, I think, could be hunted down by an intrepid flea market shopper.

BTW: I adore Lily Lodge's flowers in a box.


Anonymous said...

just that name, Haeger Gold Tweed - the perfect name for a perfect vase!!
must browse through the Haeger site a.s.a.p. - I´m sure I´ll find many beautiful things!!

paperlily said...

I love how the flowers are arranged in the vase... white blooms on one side, magenta-ish on the other, with all of the flowers low and close to the base. Beautiful!

Also, thank you for your kind words during my absence. I very much appreciate that, and all your thoughtful comments.


a. said...