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Adventurous Spirit

illustration by Jacqueline Duheme

dress above, Joan Morse, early 1960s
below, Lee Radziwell and Jacqueline Kennedy ride elephant, Jaipur 1962

The evening dress above was included in the exhibit, Jacqueline Kennedy : The White House Years: Selections from the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum. Made from a length of metallic silk brocade presented to Jackie by King Saud, the dress combines the first lady's taste for the exotic with her classic refinement. Hamish Bowles says the piece is prototypical hippie-deluxe.

I never tire of flipping through the pages of this exhibition catalog to soak up all of the lush colors and textures. Along with the clothes, in the book there are many striking images of Jackie's travels abroad.


paperlily said...

Oh, the dress is breathtaking and the illustration is so sweet and beautiful.

I've always found Jacqueline Kennedy photos to be captivating, especially the ones taken on her travels.

Anonymous said...

I love "hippie deluxe" - gorgeous dress, amazing photos!!