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Paper to the Max

image above from Jonathan Adler's My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living

Gracie wallpaper, SY-210, in Maggie Rizer's home as seen in Domino April 2006

For some reason when I was little, I thought a big white ceramic dog would be the most elegant home accessory. Now that these are in vogue again and I could buy one for myself, I'm kind of over them -- although I think Adler's use of this dog by the door is adorable. What I do currently covet is wallpaper.

In a small windowless apartment entry, I love to see every inch of wall surface papered including the backs of doors. This really creates that jewel box feeling and says "Ah, home at last."


paperlily said...

The wallpaper is Maggie Rizer's home is gorgeous! When I saw this in Domino, I loved her outfit as much as her home! That sweater is great (love the buttons),and looks so perfect with those jeans and heels.

Style Court said...

Oh yes, I LOVE the outfit as well! Everything you said echoed my thoughts exactly :)