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Engraved Peacock Feathers

Refined and worldly, Crane's limited edition notes feature a peacock feather intricately engraved in shades of turquoise, burnished copper, and peacock blue on ecru paper. But before the recipient of your note even removes the card from the envelope, he or she will see the oh so sumptuous copper lining.

To me these notes are seasonless, but I especially love them for late summer through November. What shade of ink would you select for writing? Dark chocolate, deepest blue or jet black?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I love how simple it is yet elegant. i a mhuge card person, so seeing something new and different really gets my blood boiling.

Style Court said...

I like how you added the word simple -- captures the design so well. Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful card - I´d use the deepest blue!!