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Chinoiserie Wallpaper

de Gournay handpainted wallpaper as seen in Elle Decoration August 2004

Kudos to the stylist of the photo above. Oh my, there are so many beautiful elements working together here. The major player in the background is de Gournay's wallpaper Badminton on lead grey dyed silk ground.

Since I'm crazy about Chinoiserie wallpaper, I enjoy browsing both the de Gournay and Gracie websites. Each offers plenty to savor but
Gracie's site is really brimming with images and information. To fully appreciate Gracie's sphere of influence, check-out their press clippings and client list.

pictures below from de Gournay


Anonymous said...

Okay - I think I let out a little squeak when I saw that first image – breathtaking – the grays and blues are beyond captivating – and the bird peeking into the layers of pearls is perfect!

Style Court said...

If Jen says the first image is breathtaking, then I know my initial reaction wasn't over the top.

Anonymous said...

I love chinoiserie papers, too. I saw some with empress monkies dancing and wonder if there is a term for that type of paper with monkies in fancy chinoiserie and hats, etc. I saw some table decor on the Tracy Porter site that is the same style. Any idea what the name is for it?

Style Court said...

Hi Lisa -- good question. I think there is a term for animals dressed as people. I'll have to see if I can find it, or how it relates to chinoiserie. Thanks for your comment!

Lynne Rutter said...

resurrecting an old post, but i do a lot of chinoiserie myself.

the term lisa is looking for is "singerie"
it means "monkey trick"

griffin said...

Chinoiserie papers have really exploded since 2006. One of the original Chinese ateliers, Griffin and Wong, is also now active in U.S.