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Bonnie Cashin at Home

The photo above is kind of famous, so you may have seen it before in various magazines, but I think it's an especially fun pic for summer. This is designer Bonnie Cashin's "graffiti wall" circa 1962. It seems that in all of her homes, Cashin created a wall like this to display quotes from her favorite intellectual heroes, such as Einstein, Ghandi, and Picasso.

In case you're not familiar with her, Bonnie Cashin was a fashion designer best known for her accessories for Coach in the 1960s. There is a nice online exhibition of her work, "Chic is Where You Find It" on the UCLA Library website.

The exhibition literature says Cashin believed that everyone should have a "boutique" in their own home with "colors erupting in a barely controlled riot." Below are photos from her boutique-style closet, featured in House and Garden, July 1969.

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