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Then and Now: Favorite Designer Steven Gambrel

Steven Gambrel is a Virginia-bred, New York-based interior designer with an architecture degree from the University of Virginia. Gambrel's classical background is evident in his elegant work, but his interiors always seem so youthful and fresh because of his textile and color choices. I can practically feel a fresh breeze flowing through the rooms. His look is timeless and "now" at the same time.

Gambrel's website has a nice range of images to study, and I get much inspiration from looking at his portfolio. The photos I've chosen to post here were originally published in Elle Decor and House & Garden. I especially love his approach to painting vintage furniture. On his site, in the published works section, there is a good article, "Make History" from Elle Decor 2002 that specifically deals with painted furniture, antiques and some of the misconceptions surrounding historical color.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I love his style. Is that because it resembles our Style?! Yes, he copied that arrangement of the tulips in the silver cup, and stacked books, on the lamp table from me! Ha!

Style Court said...

Sylvie, you should post side-by-side pictures of your tablescape and his, with the heading "Accidentally Inspired," like that feature in Domino mag a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that must have been of the many Domino issues that never arrived. I've had so much trouble with that subscription. Is the mail carrier getting them?!