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Echoes of the Whimsical Tony Duquette: A Little Monday History

Tony Duquette Dawnridge interior

Hollyhock wild coral candelabra $4800, red chandelier in store

Anthropologie red chandelier $8,000

Tony Duquette interiors

Tony Duquette bracelets

Anthropologie abolone and shell encrusted chandeliers $1,400-1,900

Long before Anthropologie had a red branch-coral chandelier in its fanciful window, legendary designer Tony Duquette was using bold, red chandeliers (sometimes shaped like antler, sometimes coral) as focal points in his highly theatrical, over-the-top rooms. Many of Duquette's signatures -- seashell encrusted pieces, exotic motifs, pearlescent abolone, animal figures and colorful jewelry -- are so popular right now. Kelly Wearstler and a slew of other designers say Duquette's work inspires them. If you are unfamiliar with the late Duquette and are curious to learn more about this multifaceted Hollywood set designer, interior decorator and jewelry designer, the website is jam packed with press clippings, as well as pictures of his interiors, stage work, jewelry and museum exhibitions.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to look for that house, "Cow Hollow". It must be in the Cow Hollow neighborhood of San Francisco; one of the priciest parts of town.

Style Court said...

If you spot the place, please let us know or share a photo. Your pictures of your adventures, featured on your blog, are always great!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I was Tony Duquette's design asst in the late 70's into the mid 80's, esp during "Queen of the Angels." The Cow Hollow house, during those years, was leased out, and I believe was on Octavia St, quite near Lombard. I only saw the exterior, briefly. I lived alone in the old Tony Duquette Studio, magical place. The Duquettes divided their time between the Ranch in Malibu, and Dawnridge. Tony ADORED the Ranch!! Robert Dyer

Style Court said...

Robert, so nice to hear from you. What an amazing experience. Glad you shared it. Thanks!