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John Robshaw

I'm a huge fan of John Robshaw textiles. Did anyone else catch him a few years ago on Martha Stewart's show demonstrating block printing?

His new Pondicherry collection of bed and table linens, with a geometric pattern that seems inspired by Indian or Mid-East architecture, is my favorite of the spring offerings. In addition to its pattern, I'm so drawn to the turquoise, white and rust. The pillows and men's ties represent a fresh new direction with color and delicate lines. Can you see one of those whimsical ties at a beach wedding? I love how the stylist set them against the dark intricately carved screen.

Sometimes Horchow or Neiman Marcus online has a few Robshaw table linens and a bit of the bedding, and there are some boutiques in Atlanta that carry his things, but it would be nice to find more online options.

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Anonymous said...

I'm crazy for his textiles. They'll be perfect for my farmhouse in France(Italy, England, Spain...)! Someday.