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I like to keep my Sibella Court books close at hand, in part so I can flip through them easily whenever the mood strikes but also to enjoy looking at the covers every time I pass by.

Her first two, Etcetera and The Stylist's Guide to NYC, are both incredibly tactile. Etcetera won Best Designed Book and Best Designed General Illustrated Book at the APA Design Awards in 2010. But the third, Nomad, set to be released in October, has the most textile-centric cover and may turn out to be my favorite of the lot.

["Polaroids" my own.]

Nomad, as you might guess, focuses on Sibella's wanderlust, specifically her travels to Mexico, Japan, India, Italy and Syria. It's all about the inspiration she brings back and incorporates into everyday living. What I enjoy about her approach is that the emphasis is not on re-doing a whole room top-to-bottom. Instead, she pulls together original looks by editing and restyling. More on this edition to come. Just wanted to help spread the word that the book is available for pre-order. Signed copies may be ordered through Sibella's Australia-based shop, or in the U.S., click here or here. 

[Image via Kate Spade.]

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redbrickbuilding said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I tried to get it from my local library but they don't have it so it's going on my book wish list instead.