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Flower Girls

[Photos my own]

Late last night I downloaded the May issue of Martha Stewart Living (for iPad) and was instantly transported to the ranches and gardens of Northern California. A special pilgrimage taken by serious flower-enthusiasts Kate Berry, style director for Martha Stewart Weddings, and MS's longtime crafts director, Hannah Milman, is beautifully documented in the magazine (with film and still pictures) by Ingalls Photography. So I was happy for two reasons.

First,  the three-day journey inspired me. I'd never thought of taking a road trip focused on nurseries. Kate and Hannah have a professional connection to the growers they visited, but the story explains that anyone can enjoy a similar adventure -- each of the seven locations they explored is open to the public. Definitely something to add to the "some day" list.

[Image via Inner Gardens]

For now, a little online exploration:

Vintage planters, including a mid-20th-century Dubar Jardins trough, from Inner Gardens (love the typeface in green).

The rooftop greenhouse connected to Andie McDowell's apartment in Green Card (great images here).

An orchid sale at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Friday, April 15 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Cherry Blossom Season at Brooklyn Botanic Museum.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens -- take the virtual tour, learn about the horticulture library and check out the current plant sale.

And a palampore from Art of the Past. (Again, Subhash Kapoor, owner of Art of the Past, Inc., will visit the Birmingham Museum of Art on Saturday, April 16 at 6 p.m. to present What is Art: Through the Eyes of a Collector, Dealer and Connoisseur.)

The Martha Stewart story also made me smile because back in 2008 I had a chance to spend the day with photographers Gemma and Andy Ingalls and really watch them work. They're wonderful. The room they shot has changed a lot since then -- I now have green walls, blue paisley, French doors, and a lot more art. The doors don't open onto anything remotely like what Andie had in Green Card but I like to think I'm inching toward something more lush. (Everything is shown here in fragments because, after watching this, fragments are my latest obsession.)

Take a look at the May issue -- print or digital -- and let me know about the nurseries and public gardens in your neck of the woods. 

[From Better Broken, Elephant and Rider ca. 1640, India, Ink and watercolor on paper, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.]

More green: Great Expectations.

More iPad: Camellia Fix.

[A wonky evening photo of the magazine on iPad.]

Update 4.15.11 
8:15 p.m.
What was I thinking not mentioning this earlier? There's a terrific patterned-filled Chloe Warner -designed house in the May issue of Martha Stewart Living, too!


Grant K. Gibson said...

I just got an iPad yesterday. Thanks for the tip, just downloaded the Martha ap!

Shannon Morris (Georgia College Curator) said...

Nice. I really like the salon style frames reflected in the mirror.

Style Court said...

Grant --

Don't you love it? !! And you've got the iPad 2. I'm sure whichever cover you chose is among the chicest :)

Style Court said...

Shannon -- thanks! The wall is now filled up!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

great post. iPads are always good things to have! thanks for sharing ;)

Style Court said...

Jen --

Yes, they are handy!

Style Court said...


For anyone who missed my previous post about Martha's app, I'm just a fan. No compensation received for mentioning the iPad, the app, or the magazine.

Janet said...

I am hoping my issue is waiting in my mailbox this evening. If so, we can talk about it this weekend. . . !

Style Court said...

Janet -- Can't wait!

Tokyo Jinja said...

There were always urban myths going around NYC at the time of the movie "Green Card" - about it being a real garden in a real apartment building. I can't remember now if it was actually true or not. Do you know?

Style Court said...

Jacqueline -- Wish I knew! It was so magical.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Courtney - the red shades look so great with the walls. I love it. I was just showing a friend this weekend the Martha app on ipad. She kept showing it back to me, "Did you see THIS?" It really is so beautifully done.

Style Court said...

Patricia -- that makes me feel good! I guess the bold red shade is my Betsy Burnham moment...or Peter Dunham :)